A Good Package

A Good Package

Date:2015-5-16 17:38:38
Source: http://www.pca.org.au/
Packaging is essential in contemporary society. The various types of packaging play a key role in the production, preservation, distribution and marketing of manufactured consumer goods and other products.

2.Must contain the product.
3.Must preserve and protect its contents.

Is a communication device providing details about the product, including price, contents, ingredients and nutritional value as well as cooking instructions and recommended use by dates.

Packaging is also a key component of our modern life style. It is an essential element in the move to convenience foods, allowing single or small "serves" to cater for family units of varying sizes, quick preparation of foods and provides evidence the product has been tampered with.

The packaging industry has been at the forefront of the environmental debate for over a decade. Packaging is not, however, a major waste problem and, overall, the industry has a sound environmental record. Environmental issues - important as they are - are only part of the story. Product protection and safety must remain the key criteria by which packaging is judged.

In today's business world, increasing demands are being made of packaging to be competitive and innovative while maintaining the highest levels of quality and service. The usage of different types of packaging is changing as new materials become available and new processing techniques are developed.